REV Cranes provides the people and the equipment to do the work in less time and more care than our competitors, which makes us the most cost effective solution for your lift and carry needs.

Need a crane or elevated work platform?

REV Cranes is one of the few crane companies to offer their pricing structure online. 

We’re confident you’ll find us excellent value for money

Reliable Service and Innovative Solutions

Cranes are often a small part of the overall task you need to do, so you don’t want to worry about whether they’ll be there for you when you need them. REV Cranes provides a reliable and safe service that you can trust. Whether it’s lifting in multi-million dollar turbines into a naval destroyer, or just moving your prized possession off your trailer, no job is too big or too small for REV Cranes to do it safely and reliably.

Relocating boat Dual lift loads Australian Navy Lifts
Relocating a boat Dual Lift Loads Working with the Australian Navy

REV Cranes prides itself on having the experience to know exactly how much we can do with our fleet of cranes. You’d be surprised at the jobs we can do, and the areas we can operate in.

With our versatile cranes and experienced operators, see us for a lifting solution that doesn’t have to involve expensive modifications like removing roof sheeting, unsafe practices, or massive slew cranes.


  • All prices are ex GST
  • Long term wet hire prices are negotiable


Wet Hire (ex GST)
(Includes operator)

Dry Hire (ex GST)

15 tonne Franna $130 / hour $2400 / week
20 tonne Franna $160 / hour $2990 / week
25 tonne Franna $180 / hour $3400 / week
S-45 Boom Lift (EWP)   $250 / day, $900 / week
Boom lift Mob
& Demob
  $260 (local) or
$130 / hour
Tilt Tray Truck $130 / hour  
Semi Trailer and Quad Float $160 / hour Available for long hauls

Our Additional labour rates are:

Crane Operator $85 / hour
Rigger $80 / hour
Dogger $70 / hour
Overtime Surcharge $45 / hour
Travel rate (outside of Townsville area) $70 / hour
Weekend Callout Fee Minimum 4 hours (labour only)


  • Prices above include the driver, but do not include additional labour, eg. Dogger. For longer term hire, or project work, please give us a call. We’re happy to negotiate.
  • All of our cranes are purchased new and are in excellent condition, well maintained, and professionally operated.
  • Our strategic alliances also mean we can offer complete packages including heavy cranes, tilt-tray and other associated services for projects, maintenance work or tenders.